I just discovered body by Simone and I’m addicted!!!

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A while back, I posted about how great the free workouts on YouTube are. Well a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a channel called Sweaty Betty. They have Body by Simone and Barry’s Bootcamp and let me tell you, it’s amazing!! There is cardio, weights,ballet barre, yoga, pilates, strength training, HIIT, butt workouts, everything! I’m obsessed!!

I have been trying out their various workouts and I’m sore as hell the next day!! In just a few weeks, I have more definition in my arms and abs and I’ve lost 7 lbs!! I feel taller, I’m probably not actually taller, most likely my posture is better or something, but I will take it. It’s challenging and fun and best of all..free!! There is literally no reason not to give it a try!

Just had to share that with you!! Any workouts you think I should try?



The broke girls guide to working out

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Summer is right around the corner and most of us want to look good in our summer clothes. It’s warm year round where I live so it’s good I really enjoy exercising! I prefer to workout at home and subscribe to Beachbody on demand and Les Mills on demand and Pilates ¬†Anytime. I have also used The Daily Burn but cancelled that after a year since I had done every program and was no longer challenged. I’m very happy with these, but it can get expensive. I have a roku so I can get the workouts on my tv.

Just a few days ago, while I was getting my roots done, My hairstylist told me that YouTube has great workouts and they are free!! She is very fit! By the way, my hairstylist is truly amazing! She took me from very dark brown to almost platinum blonde in 1 day with very little damage. I only had to cut off 2 inches, which considering what I had done to my hair, was not much! If you need a hairstylist and live in the south, email me and will you give you her number if we live close by… Anyways, I’m always looking to change it up, and to see changes it is important to switch up your workouts. I decided to check out YouTube, and they literally have hundreds of workouts to choose from!! There really is something for everyone. I absolutely loved it. I’m super Obsessed!

I have some very specific goals for myself, which is what helps me stay motivated to workout even when I don’t feel like it. I want six pack abs, and to build some muscle and definition to my arms. I have the kind of body type that doesn’t build muscle easily so I really have to work for it. If I don’t set goals, I would give up because achieving that goal is not easy! But I know I can do it. I can do hard things is kind of my mantra, you can use it if you like. Once I achieve that goal, I need to set another and just want it bad enough to work hard for it!

The workouts they have very in length so today I did a 20 minute weights workout, which since I am trying to lift heavier weights was long enough. Then I did a 30 min. HIIT workout ( which is high interval intensity training) and I followed that with Pilates. I was so excited about all my options I wanted to do more, but figured I should stop there so I wasn’t too sore to workout tomorrow. Having trouble lowering yourself onto the toilet is not fun!

They have beginner workouts, intermediate and advanced in varying lengths so I think it really would be suitable for anyone at any level no matter what your goals are! The best thing is that it is also free and new workouts are being added everyday. I’m considering cancelling my subscriptions to the other channels, which would save me quite a lot of money. ¬†Of course you can walk, run, or bike outside for free as well, but it was a great surprise to me to have all these other free options!! So now there are no excuses!!

Do you have any great workouts or workout advice??