The product that unclogs pores in 10 minutes flat! No nose strips required

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So I just bought Mario Badescue Silver Powder at Ulta. I’m Obsessed! This is the coolest product I have ever tried. So far, at least. It unclogs your pores and gets rid of blackheads and acne. It’s a powder too, so not sticky or stinky.

You wet a cottonball and put it where needed. Those are the instructions, simple and to the point. Leave it on 10 minutes and rinse. That’s it! I could see the difference right away!

I had slept with my makeup on, which I never ever do, but I was exhausted and fell asleep watching tv. The horror!! So I washed my face and put this on my nose, forehead and chin. If I fall asleep in my makeup, I always do a face mask the next day to un-do any damage. Today, I just used this. It looks pretty funny while it’s on and I’m sure my guy thought I was a crazy person, but it got the job done. Kind of looks like wet flour was on my face. It’s not drying either, which I love.

My skin is clear, blackhead free and not at all dried out! You would never know I slept in my makeup if I hadn’t told you. Looks like I recently had a facial!! I highly recommend this powder for any skin type.Trust!!

Do you have any great new products?








Better skin with facial oils…

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Have you used facial oil? When I first heard about putting oil on your face, on purpose, I envisioned greasy, pimply skin!! I was so very wrong! Once I tried it, I became obsessed! Now it is part of my nightly routine and my skin has never looked better.

You can use facial oils in many different ways, pat it into your skin after toning and before moisturizer, mix it into your moisturizer, or use it at night after moisturizing!! I like to use them at night. ¬†You always want to press it into your skin and be careful not to use too much! Too much and you are super greasy looking,Not ideal during the day, but at night not such a big deal. I’m going to assume you don’t set up a web cam for people to watch you sleep. If you do…no judgement, how much does that pay?

My favorite is Julep Rosehip oil. It brightens skin, moisturizes and fights free radicals. There are different oils for different skin types. I am super dry, so I use an oil that is deeply hydrating at night and wake up with no dryness , especially in winter. I got a few as samples from Sephora, which to me is the happiest place on earth! You can even go into the store and ask for a sample of one for your skin type.

I really think skin care is important! Your makeup will not look as good on bad skin! I find that when my skin looks good, I need less makeup or can even go without and not feel weird about it. Moisturized skin is younger looking skin!!

Have you found a great facial oil?? Share!!