We went to buy nail polish and ended up at Mardi Gras!!


I had a very exciting and fun weekend. My best friend came to visit! I moved to another state last year, so we don’t see each other very much, but we do talk on the phone very frequently.

One day over the weekend we decided to check out a really cool store called Del Sol. They have cool nail polishes that change color in the sun. They also have T-shirts, hair accessories, flip flops, kids clothes and Men’s t-shirts that all change color in the sun. We checked to see where the nearest store was and it was about an hour and a half away. ( give or take a few minutes.)

So we had a fun little road trip and we finally got close to our destination. A lot of roads were blocked off and there were parking lots advertising parking for $20.00. Something must be going on. My first thought was carnival or food fest. So we drove around and found some parking.

When we were walking around, we saw a guy dressed as a pirate. Cool! A lot of people were wearing mardi gras beads and were dressed up in flashy, colorful clothing. As  we got closer to our destination, we realized the store in right in the middle of Mardi Gras! This day just got way more interesting!!

So we headed in the direction of Del Sol. There were people throwing beads off balconies and we caught some, there were food vendors and I noticed “Gator on a stick” was an option at more than one. There was music playing and everyone seemed to be having a great time.

We made it to Del Sol and they had all kinds of cool color changing stuff!  I bought 4 nail polishes at ” buy 3 get 1 free” and a color changing t-shirt for myself and one for my guy.They also had another store attached called Cariloha. Cariloha is clothing and bedding made of bamboo. Bamboo is softer than cotton and is more environmentally friendly. I bought 2 T-shirts and a pair of bamboo underwear ( which I have on now ). The color changing shirts are guaranteed for life and the only washing instructions are not to use bleach. All the Cariloha items are also lifetime guaranteed, you just can’t use liquid fabric softener. Obsessed!!!

After shopping, we started looking around. There was a live music tent playing metal that we didn’t go towards but could hear very well. They had a face painting tent, and my friend got feather false eyelashes, glittery eye makeup and gems on her face. It was very festive and adorable!! There were more food tents than I had ever seen and it smelled kind of like a carnival. There was a parade where the people on floats threw more beads and we caught more. The parade seemed to go around in a circle so we saw it more then once. I looked up and saw colorful beads hanging from trees in a really pretty way. There was a marching band playing jazz music. Little kids were so covered in beads, it was a wonder they could walk. My own neck felt like it had 5 pounds of necklaces on it.

We realized we had been gone for hours, so we had to leave to make it back for dinner with the rest of my family. The ride back seemed to take less time than the ride there. We were in great moods and had a wonderful day!! I had never been to Mardi Gras before, and I think I will definitely make a plan to go next year and spend the day there. If you ever get the chance to go, I highly, highly recommend it!!