The product that made a huge difference in my skin!

Skin care

I have been using Organic Himalayan Sea Buck-thorn Berry Oil for about 2 months now. I either add a drop to bottled water or add it to smoothies.  I always have chapped lips and dry skin in the winter, I drink tons of water, I moisturize and moisturize, use chapstick like i’m getting paid to, and usually by the end of the day, I’m chapped and dry. I am the palest person ever and when I have dry skin I look kinda of corpse-like. Not cute! Not cute at all!! I want to have some color to my face so I don’t look like I’m sick all the time.

Once I started using this, no more chapped lips and my skin doesn’t feel dry. I actually think this is the best my skin has ever looked. ( I still moisturize and use chapstick) I’m much more comfortable going out without makeup on. I even think It has speeded up my metabolism! It does not say anywhere that it does anything for weight loss, but  I find that I am less hungry and have been losing weight.

I was buying vitamins on and I saw this. It wasn’t very expensive and lasts a long time if you just use 1 drop a day.  It says you can use it topically, but I have not tried that yet. You could also just drop it into your mouth, it doesn’t taste bad, kind of berry like.

I’m a believer!!  Check it out for yourself!!