Beauty Products for Macho Men…

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So my guy works on cars for a living. He comes home covered in grease and motor oil and has to really really scrub to get it off! I’m taking, filthy!! I bought him an exfoliating body wash to help him out. Macho man that he is, he was just plain confused by this…in the cute-est way!

Yesterday was very exciting, my guy decided to cook his favorite meal for me! Because I can’t have gluten, I have never had chicken fried steak. The horror!( I’m such a pain to feed) He came home very very excited to cook for me, and I was excited too. I’m very lucky that he loves to cook. He was covered in more dirt than usual and wanted to take a bath first. His hands were completely black with car dirt! I put some bubble bath in the tub for him and gave him the exfoliating body wash. I even added a bath bomb! Well, he isn’t used to bubble bath! “Babe, I feel all slippery!” he says from the bathtub. “Is this baby oil?, why am I so slippery?” he asks. He is sliding around like a little kid. I started laughing and told him it was moisturizing bubble bath. ” This stuff is all gritty, is there salt in it?” he said about the body wash… He was so adorable describing all the new stuff I put in the tub for him! He sees all my beauty products in the bathroom, but isn’t sure what they do…

We laughed for a good long time!! He had to take a picture of these products and send them to a friend from work. They worked well though. Then once he was all clean, he started cooking.

He made me chicken fried steak and homemade french fries!! He was having the best time and we were talking and laughing the whole time he cooked! We are always laughing together! He did a great job! It was fantastic.  I’m obsessed now! He really is a fantastic cook! He was so very proud. The smile on his face was so cute! He was lit up like a Christmas tree!! Now that I am not being stupid and pushing him away, we are always having a great time together. Once he was done eating, he smiled really big, laid down saying he was so full and fell asleep!!

Now I just need to find a product to help me with beard burn!





I have a job interview and food poisoning, but there’s a makeup look for that…

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So lately my life has been a bit chaotic! I’m getting divorced, spent time in a mental hospital, moved into a motel, met a new someone and am trying to get my life together. So I have been trying to get a job, and have an interview today!! I’m excited, I feel like everything is going to be okay….

Last night, I went to T.J.Maxx to buy an outfit for my interview, the only clothes I have with me are jeans or cut-off jean shorts and an assortment of band t-shirts, not great for a job interview!! I got some dress pants and an office-y shirt and shoes that look professional. Hooray for me! I then met up with my guy for dinner. They had calamari, which is one of my favorite things ever!! I got the calamari, it was fantastic!! We ate dinner and had great conversation, and then boom!

My stomach started gurgling and hurting! I had to go to the bathroom now!! Like right now! We paid the check and I ran, not walked, but literally ran to bathroom. ( classy date behavior for sure!) I was in there a very very long time. Restaurant bathrooms are not exactly private or sound proof. I was in pain, embarrassed and very sure I had food poisoning!! So, I made it back to my motel, where again, straight to the bathroom I went.

Poor guy!! He kept asking if I needed anything. My dignity back, but as that ship has sailed, I said water. Bless his heart, he tried to not make me embarrassed. I guess if he didn’t run away after hearing noises like that, he might just be a keeper.

Anyhow, so in just few short hours I have my interview!! Still sick as a dog and super dehydrated, my skin is not exactly amazing today. I kind of have that grayish cast to my complexion. To look professional and less like a corpse, I have chosen to go with a classic red lipstick instead of my usual smokey eye makeup. I used Clinique Moisture Surge  moisturizer, a very thick eye cream and DR.Jart BB cream on my face. A neutral eyeshadow, and Rimmel  London Provocalips lipstick in 420 berry seductive. It has a gloss that goes on after it to seal the color! I have lots of red lipsticks and this one is my favorite!! The staying power is amazing!! Whenever I have been sick or just want to look more professional, I go with a classic red lipstick and it never seems to fail me!! Trust!

So wish me luck! I hope I do well at the interview! I’ll get my life together soon, promise! Either way, I can look forward to poor poor Dude bringing me soup later and gatorade!!  I don’t recommend having food poisoning on a date, but I guess if it happens and he says he’ll bring you soup the next day, you know he’s a good guy!!

What’s your favorite red lipstick?