The Best conditioner for blonde hair

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If you’ve gone blonde, then you know that it can turn gold due to hard water, the sun, or just time. To keep your cool blonde bright and fresh, you should be using a purple shampoo. Adding a purple conditioner is even better!! I find a dark purple is better than a light purple…

There are a lot of blonde hair products to choose from, but typically if you are very bleached like me,( Think of the song Suicide Blonde by INXS ) you need damage repair as well as purple toning. I recently discovered Rusk deep shine purple x! Total game changer!! I’m obsessed!! It’s a dark purple, repairing conditioner that is thick like a mask. It smells faintly fruity but it’s very very subtle so I can’t smell it all day long.

I typically use it twice a week because I don’t want my hair to take on a purple cast, some people like that though, in which case use it more often. Before I discovered this, within 3 weeks my hair would get too gold and I would be sad. Blonde hair takes a little more work than Brown, but if you take care of it right, It’ll stay looking good til your next hair appointment.

Because my hair is very thick and wavy it tends to be dry, so I leave the conditioner on throughout my whole shower and rinse with cool water to discourage frizz. If your hair is finer, I’d say leave on about 10 minutes and rinse out. It won’t make your hair greasy!20170504_113958

If you try it let me know what you think!! Do you have any great blonde products? Share!!