I just discovered body by Simone and I’m addicted!!!

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A while back, I posted about how great the free workouts on YouTube are. Well a few weeks ago, I stumbled across a channel called Sweaty Betty. They have Body by Simone and Barry’s Bootcamp and let me tell you, it’s amazing!! There is cardio, weights,ballet barre, yoga, pilates, strength training, HIIT, butt workouts, everything! I’m obsessed!!

I have been trying out their various workouts and I’m sore as hell the next day!! In just a few weeks, I have more definition in my arms and abs and I’ve lost 7 lbs!! I feel taller, I’m probably not actually taller, most likely my posture is better or something, but I will take it. It’s challenging and fun and best of all..free!! There is literally no reason not to give it a try!

Just had to share that with you!! Any workouts you think I should try?



A lesson in emotional maturity, I didn’t even know I was getting

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My guy and I were fighting horribly and making up over the course of the next two days. We are both very passionate people! We are both stubborn as well. I am not known to be an emotionally mature person! I yell, scream, storm off and if you say something mean to me, I’ll say something even meaner back. I want to win!

For some reason, when we were fighting, I did not say mean things, leave or try to win. This time, I stayed and fought for us. When we were talking later, my guy said “The difference between couples who stay together and those who don’t is communication.”Wow! So he’s right and that was very insightful. He was telling me that if we both agree to always talk things out we will never have a fight we can’t get past. He’s so right too!!  I had this giant epiphany where I realized that all this time, he has been teaching me emotional maturity and I never even knew it. I’m growing and I didn’t even know it!!Even my best friend was surprised.

He then went on to tell me that he is absolutely going to marry me one day. He didn’t ask, he told me matter-of-factly. I said” okay then.” It was funny and sweet just like him. So I guess that’s a future post to look forward to. Third time is the charm, right? Oddly, it doesn’t freak me out in the slightest because he gets me, he challenges me and teaches me things without me even realizing it.

Today, he left me 10 voicemails on his way to work. All saying that he loves me, in one he was singing to me! I cried happy sappy tears like I do when I watch The Notebook. I’m the happiest girl in the world right now! Guess my life wasn’t ruined by a cardboard box after all.




I thought the sky was falling, then I went back on cymbalta…

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I have been taking antidepressants and anti-anxiety meds or a long time. At some point, my guy convinced me I didn’t need them, so I abruptly stopped taking them. Don’t EVER EVER do that… Here is what happened

I started feeling like everyone hated me, then I started getting really paranoid. I started crying uncontrollably all the time. I was depressed and totally irrational and it just kept getting worse. It’s like my mind would twist every situation into more than it needed to be, but I was genuinely hurt over nothing. I started drinking more and more, and then I drank a bottle of wine and took several ambien. I overdosed and ended up in the hospital. I was unconscience for almost 2 days! My guy was devastated! I scared the hell out of everyone!! I was not myself for almost a month! I thought about killing myself all the time, thought everyone hated me, and I felt so very alone and confused all the time.

I looked up what going off cymbalta suddenly does and here are the side effects:


Suicidal Thoughts



Brain “zaps” electric shock like symptoms





Visual and audible hallucinations



Involuntary crying or laughing




Well, I guess that explains why I was not myself at all. I have gone back on Cymbalta and am taking it as directed. If I try to get off it again, I will do so under a doctor’s care. What it all came down to was, while my guy does not think I need them, I had to make the decision to go back on them because my quality of life was not good when I tried to get off them.

I think maybe that is the hardest thing to do, when those you love think they know what is best for you, but at the end of the day, you gotta know what you need and be willing to go against loved ones if need be to save yourself. I’m not “crazy” but I know I need the antidepressants and was given them for a reason.

I’m happy to report that I am happy, healthy and myself again!



Anxiety, cold feet or something else…what am I so afraid of?

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I am a very decisive person. I know what I want the moment I see it and can make choices quickly. I want those shoes, that guy, this house, those dishes,red nail polish, ect. you get the idea.. ( Not all my choices are good,I make bad ones all the time, but I made them quickly) So today I officially move into a new house with my guy. All my stuff in one place, finally! We have “unofficially” been living together for months now. When I moved into the motel, he came over and brought more stuff each time and we just started living together, no weird awkward relationship talks, just felt natural. We have kinda moved our relationship at warp speed since day 1, and none of it ever freaked me out because it all feels very right. We said ” I love you” within weeks, started talking about forever within the first month and I never freaked out, I was never worried. (I did however consult a psychic a few times to make sure, but that’s a story for another post.) For some reason, I have been up all night freaking out and what-ifing and basically being the most neurotic person in the world! Why?

I was full panic mode this morning and my guy said I have cold feet. He’s probably right, but why now?  I’m suddenly terrified of losing my identity!! What if I don’t make friends? What if he decides to leave me? What if I never really feel at home? What if eating something he shot makes me too sad? He is very into hunting and is very excited for me to try deer and squirrel-yes, you read that right, it was not a typo. I agreed to try squirrel meat! Terrified, but keeping an open mind. (I have never ever eaten something that didn’t come from a grocery store or restaurant, never seen hunting in real life) What if I become a completely different person while learning to live in “his world”. What if I am too unorganized, or have too many weird quirks and he hates living with me? What if the sky falls?

Anxiety is a cruel affliction! Moving is stressful. Maybe I just need to take a chill pill and take a nap. Either way, I actually feel a bit calmer now that I have told you guys, or Y’all as my guy would say.

-I will keep you updated. Wish me luck!





Beauty Products for Macho Men…

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So my guy works on cars for a living. He comes home covered in grease and motor oil and has to really really scrub to get it off! I’m taking, filthy!! I bought him an exfoliating body wash to help him out. Macho man that he is, he was just plain confused by this…in the cute-est way!

Yesterday was very exciting, my guy decided to cook his favorite meal for me! Because I can’t have gluten, I have never had chicken fried steak. The horror!( I’m such a pain to feed) He came home very very excited to cook for me, and I was excited too. I’m very lucky that he loves to cook. He was covered in more dirt than usual and wanted to take a bath first. His hands were completely black with car dirt! I put some bubble bath in the tub for him and gave him the exfoliating body wash. I even added a bath bomb! Well, he isn’t used to bubble bath! “Babe, I feel all slippery!” he says from the bathtub. “Is this baby oil?, why am I so slippery?” he asks. He is sliding around like a little kid. I started laughing and told him it was moisturizing bubble bath. ” This stuff is all gritty, is there salt in it?” he said about the body wash… He was so adorable describing all the new stuff I put in the tub for him! He sees all my beauty products in the bathroom, but isn’t sure what they do…

We laughed for a good long time!! He had to take a picture of these products and send them to a friend from work. They worked well though. Then once he was all clean, he started cooking.

He made me chicken fried steak and homemade french fries!! He was having the best time and we were talking and laughing the whole time he cooked! We are always laughing together! He did a great job! It was fantastic.  I’m obsessed now! He really is a fantastic cook! He was so very proud. The smile on his face was so cute! He was lit up like a Christmas tree!! Now that I am not being stupid and pushing him away, we are always having a great time together. Once he was done eating, he smiled really big, laid down saying he was so full and fell asleep!!

Now I just need to find a product to help me with beard burn!




Dawn Dagger Challenge!Ask me anything..

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My lovely friend wandersummer tagged me in the dawn dagger challenge! Check out her blog, she is incredibly smart!! This is an ask me anything challenge! You can always ask me anything!! As I’m sure you have noticed, I don’t hold anything back! Ask Away!! I’d love to hear what you want me to write about!!

Here are her questions..


  1. What is the first social media platform you signed up to and why? Myspace, because it seemed like the thing to do!! lol
  2. What do you find as the most difficult thing about being a blogger? Trying to find interesting things to share and baring my soul for the world to see.
  3. What do you find as the best thing about being a blogger? The creative process, when something I say helps someone else.
  4. If you could switch faces with a famous person, who will you pick to switch faces with? Angelina Jolie!! She is so beautiful!!
  5. If you could have your life written in a book by a famous author (living or dead), which author will you choose to write your life story? Tough one, F.Scott Fitzgerald, as he is my favorite author ever!!



Here are my questions..

  1. What is your strangest food craving?
  2. What is your best quality?
  3. Have you ever been in love?
  4. What is your favorite song?
  5. If you could have a super power, which one would you have?



I tag Rydergirl1



The broke girls guide to working out

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Summer is right around the corner and most of us want to look good in our summer clothes. It’s warm year round where I live so it’s good I really enjoy exercising! I prefer to workout at home and subscribe to Beachbody on demand and Les Mills on demand and Pilates  Anytime. I have also used The Daily Burn but cancelled that after a year since I had done every program and was no longer challenged. I’m very happy with these, but it can get expensive. I have a roku so I can get the workouts on my tv.

Just a few days ago, while I was getting my roots done, My hairstylist told me that YouTube has great workouts and they are free!! She is very fit! By the way, my hairstylist is truly amazing! She took me from very dark brown to almost platinum blonde in 1 day with very little damage. I only had to cut off 2 inches, which considering what I had done to my hair, was not much! If you need a hairstylist and live in the south, email me and will you give you her number if we live close by… Anyways, I’m always looking to change it up, and to see changes it is important to switch up your workouts. I decided to check out YouTube, and they literally have hundreds of workouts to choose from!! There really is something for everyone. I absolutely loved it. I’m super Obsessed!

I have some very specific goals for myself, which is what helps me stay motivated to workout even when I don’t feel like it. I want six pack abs, and to build some muscle and definition to my arms. I have the kind of body type that doesn’t build muscle easily so I really have to work for it. If I don’t set goals, I would give up because achieving that goal is not easy! But I know I can do it. I can do hard things is kind of my mantra, you can use it if you like. Once I achieve that goal, I need to set another and just want it bad enough to work hard for it!

The workouts they have very in length so today I did a 20 minute weights workout, which since I am trying to lift heavier weights was long enough. Then I did a 30 min. HIIT workout ( which is high interval intensity training) and I followed that with Pilates. I was so excited about all my options I wanted to do more, but figured I should stop there so I wasn’t too sore to workout tomorrow. Having trouble lowering yourself onto the toilet is not fun!

They have beginner workouts, intermediate and advanced in varying lengths so I think it really would be suitable for anyone at any level no matter what your goals are! The best thing is that it is also free and new workouts are being added everyday. I’m considering cancelling my subscriptions to the other channels, which would save me quite a lot of money.  Of course you can walk, run, or bike outside for free as well, but it was a great surprise to me to have all these other free options!! So now there are no excuses!!

Do you have any great workouts or workout advice??



How to beautify when you are sick

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So ever since I got back from my trip, I have been sick. I have the worst cold ever, with fatigue, a low fever and sinus headaches. In addition to taking cold medicine, duh, I am taking my couch time as a spa day!!

Here is a list of things you can do while you are sick…

-Do a face mask! Just put it on and lay on the couch watching tv for the time indicated. I usually leave mine on longer than it says because I lose track of time. I’m not recommending that, but if it happens it probably won’t hurt you. My face hasn’t melted yet!

-Moisturize!! Put on your intensive face moisturizer, body oil, those moisturizing socks for your feet. Take a nap and let it work. A little Aquaphor on the sides of your nose works well if you have rudolph nose! Aquaphor also works for chapped lips.

-Deep condition your hair! I like to put coconut oil in my hair and cover it with a shower cap. The heat from your head helps it penetrate. Again, you can take a nap if you want, or watch a movie and just leave it in for hours. Then just shampoo and condition as usual. Since you’re not going anywhere, no need to style or blow dry.

-Do aromatherapy in the shower! There are these little aromatherapy tablets you can get at the drugstore for around $3.00. You just put them on the shower floor and let it help your sinuses. They also make inexpensive aromatherapy bath products if you are a bath person.

-Paint your nails. Most likely, you won’t be moving around too much, so less chance of chipping or smudging. I like a bold bright color to cheer me up, but that’s just me.

-Try those unappetizing juice recipes that are really healthy. You won’t taste or smell it and it will help you feel better. Beet juice anyone?

When you do feel better, your skin and hair will look as great as you feel!!





I thought yoga wasn’t my thing, but now I love it!!

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A few years back, I tried a yoga workout dvd and it was not my thing. It was sooo slow. It was the longest 20 minutes of my entire life! I found it boring and not at all challenging. Why does everyone seem to love such a dull boring workout? I will never get that time back!! Worst $15.00 I ever spent! Since then, whenever a friend invited me to take a yoga class, I would decline because yoga was not for me.

I like high energy workouts that leave me drenched in sweat!! I really like to feel challenged. For years, all I would do was high intensity cardio and weights. Then I had the idea to try yoga again as a cool down from my other workouts. I think I read an article on the benefits in Self magazine. I found out that there are different types of yoga, and some are faster paced, or more difficult. Now I really like it!! That’s right, I really enjoy yoga!! Doing yoga to cool down after my workouts helps me be less sore!! I have more flexibility and balance. I also sometimes just do yoga! So I should not have judged a type of workout by one bad dvd!

I learned something very important, sometimes you need to try something more than once to determine if it is for you or not. Not just with fitness, but everything. I have started trying foods I didn’t like as a kid. Some I still don’t like, but some I really don’t mind now. I have always stood my ground that I hate carrots!! Raw or cooked, I don’t like them. The other day, I had something with carrots in it, I had a few and they weren’t so bad after all…

I hope you try something new, or retry something today!!




I got new eye shadow and my eyelids smell like peaches!!

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So, I ordered the Two Faced Sweet Peach eye shadow pallet from Sephora. The colors are great and it even comes with instructions for 3 different looks! The instructions are really easy to follow too! It has a great range of colors that can be used for natural looks as well as bold smokey eye looks. The colors are very pigmented and last all day. Even if you don’t use the instructions and just do your own thing, it’s hard to mess up because all the colors go well together.

I have been using it for weeks and never realized, it smells like peaches!! It just never occurred to me to sniff my makeup. Is that a thing? However I feel like it’s pretty cool that it smells fruity. I have always hated it when someone asks me to tell them something interesting about myself. I never know what they might find interesting and always say something dumb. Now, I have my answer!! My answer is ” My eyelids smells like peaches.” I bet they haven’t heard that before. tee hee. If they don’t laugh or at least smile, then I know we won’t be friends. ( I’m joking)

So now I am not only very happy with my eye makeup, in the event that someone is in a position to sniff my eyelid, I think they will be quite impressed! My best friend is probably the only person who might sniff my eyelid, if I asked her to, just to see if I am telling the truth! I really want to know if the peach smell lasts on your eyelids too…

Have you tried it?