I got sick at the Laundromat, and now a stranger might be wearing my underwear!

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The dryer has a broken heating element at the house, so I thought it would be faster to just go to the laundromat. Little did I know this would turn into a very strange day. My stomach wasn’t feeling very good, but I figured it was nothing to worry about. I was probably just hungry. I had forgotten to have breakfast that day. I had a book to read and my phone and everything was fine until suddenly I got sharp pains in my stomach. This awful gurgling noise started and I had to find the bathroom immediately!

Several minutes of extreme gastrointestinal duress later,( I’ll spare you the gory details) I could not find my laundry!! I checked every dryer. My pants and underwear were gone!! Just gone!! Who steals someone’s laundry?? Is some stranger out there walking around wearing my underwear? They were clean, but still! Creepy!!

Sadly, this not the first time my clothes have been stolen. Once, in High School, someone stole my jeans while I was in P.E. I had to walk around in gym shorts for the rest of the day while everyone assumed I had some sort of accident! Why? Just why?

Another time, a friend’s sister came to my house and stole a bunch of my clothes while I wasn’t home! My mom caught her “shopping” in my closet. Why the hell do these people want to steal my clothes? At least prior to this incident, my underwear was safe!

Except for the time a Hotel in California lost my underwear after I sent it out for laundry service. I had to keep describing my underwear to Hotel staff who tried very hard not to laugh for about 3 days before they found and returned it. Every day, a new staff member would say ” Can you describe your lost underwear?” I never want to hear those words again!  I never even got reimbursed for having to go buy more! I love shopping but not under these circumstances.

My life is just plain weird sometimes!!




I’m not sure what a healthy relationship looks like, but there’s a laundry hack for that…..

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I am in a new relationship and he says I keep trying to push him away. When we first met, I told him all the reasons he should not want to be with me. I told him I was super crazy, don’t know what I want, am overly dramatic,get mad when things are not the way I want them, am embarrassingly bad at math, am a hopeless romantic, am a terrible singer, all the bad things I have ever done, every story that is unflattering to me and basically that I suck as a person! He was not deterred. He said to stop trying to talk him out of it! He said “I love you” and I said thank you the first 3 times!! I even went to the mental hospital weeks into our relationship and still he stuck around!!

So here he is, a fully functional adult who writes me poems, sings love songs to me in the car,is not commitment phobic, when I apologize for starting a fight, he says it takes two to fight and it’s not my fault! He shares his food with me and always lets me eat all of his fries. The poor man has not had all of his french fries since the day we met!! He calls me several times a day just to say he loves me, and cooks for me. So what do I do? I get scared he’s going to leave me and it’s going to hurt bad, so I try to push him away and speed up the process by being completely unreasonable!!

Why would I do this? Because I have no idea what a healthy relationship is!! I’ve never seen one. They don’t make tv shows and movies about perfectly healthy functional relationships, that would be boring to watch!(duh) The relationships I have seen in real life have either ended or are not exactly healthy, with the exception of one couple, but that is the exception, not the rule!! If everything can be that good, then eventually I might feel twice as bad when it’s over!! Why am I obsessed with idea of protecting myself from the misery of when it’s over? Because anyone that wonderful could not possibly not leave me. Yeah, I’m a messed up chick! I have all kinds of sappy love song kind of feelings and it’s almost like I could really live happily ever after!! That scares me more than clowns!!

But what about the laundry, you ask? Well, he gets grease and all kinds of dirt that won’t come out on his work clothes. I do his laundry because he hates doing laundry and I don’t mind it. I’m not the absolute worst girlfriend ever!! I do have, some redeeming qualities. Anyhow, If you wash them like any other laundry, the stains don’t come out and they still smell like motor oil. So, after much trial and error, here is the formula to get them to at least smell clean..

1cup  oxy clean

1 cup Gain laundry detergent

1 Tide pod

Gain fabric softener

Wash with this formula twice and while they are still stained, they smell clean!

I’m working on learning how to be in a healthy relationship, and in time, I hope to know what that means..



The easy way to get and keep your teeth white

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Teeth whitening has been a thing for awhile. Those whitening strips and bleaching trays hurt my sensitive teeth!! My gums would turn white and hurt for days after trying those!! Not ideal! My teeth are white, but they hurt too much to eat or drink anything! No thanks…

I drink coffee and tea and still have white teeth because I use Rembrandt Intense Stain whitening toothpaste and Rembrandt Whitening mouthwash three times a day.  It is able to remove intense stains, so if you don’t have stains on your teeth, it really whitens!! It has baking soda and peroxide in it, so it is just abrasive enough to whiten without damaging the enamel on your teeth!! It doesn’t taste bad either!

Of course, I regularly get my teeth cleaned at the dentist, ( Duh) which is very important and also helps keep your teeth healthy and white!! People will notice if your teeth are gross and unhealthy, so please keep regular dentist appointments! That being said, using the right products makes a huge difference. I know it’s working because recently, my best friend, commented on how white my teeth are!! If your best friend notices, you know it works!!

Try it for a few weeks and let me know what you think!! Any secrets to white teeth? Share!!


Unlikely stain fighter, hairspray


A few years ago while working in a salon, I got bright red hair color on my white shirt major bummer! Another stylist told me to put hairspray on it to keep the stain from setting. It worked!! I sprayed hairspray on it, a lot of hairspray, like saturate it- then wash as soon as possible. I still have the shirt with no stain, and it was like 5 hours before i could wash it.

I have tried this around my home as well. For some reason, it seems my kid only spills grape juice on carpeting, blankets and her clothes. I immediately spray a ton of hairspray on it and wash asap. Once i ran out of carpet cleaner and had to go buy some, hairspray prevented the stain from setting until I could clean it properly.

My guy gets barbecue sauce, red wine, tomato sauce, ect. all over his clothes almost every time he cooks and I have rarely needed to throw out his shirts. The trick is to spray it with hairspray right away! Then wash as soon as you can. You cannot spray it with hairspray an hour later, the stain will have already set.

Try it for yourself! Do you have any tricks and tips? I’d love to hear them!!


Preparing for out of town guests/ No one likes a stinky house!


There’s nothing more exciting than having out of town family or friends staying with you for a few days! It goes without saying that you want to clean your house, but did you know the first things most people notice is what your home smells like and clutter? If your house smells, most people won’t tell you, but they will tell everyone else!! I have a 3 day cleaning plan to ensure your guests are not uncomfortable, and you won’t be embarrassed. Depending on the size of your home and how much time you have, it could take longer or not as long.

Day 1- Remove dust and other allergens

Take books off shelves and dust, pay close attention to picture frames and any corners of the house. Check your staircase and dust between spindals and any shelving.  Vacuum mattresses of guest beds and wash the bedding. Vacuum furniture. Did you know that lavender oil is a natural disinfectant? Mix a few drops in a spray bottle with water and spray mattresses, the couch, anything fabric that can’t be washed.

Day2- Address any clutter and clean bathrooms and floors

Now is the time to remove any clutter. Kids toys, pet toys, books and magazines, ect. Find a place to keep your things or throw away anything you don’t have a place for. This is when I like to make sure my bathrooms are spotless and I wash my floors and any area rugs or bathmats. Go outside and come back in. What does your home smell like? You can remove tough odors with vinegar. It’s a strong smell, but once the vinegar smell dissipates, so does the bad smell. ( this is why I do it at least a day before my guests arrive) I also take out the garbages and wash the inside of my garbage cans. Address any pet odors, wash dog or cat beds. Give the dog a bath. Change any air fresheners.

Day3- Kitchen,laundry, vacuum and touch ups

On day 3 I wash all towels. I clean my kitchen last because it gets used so much. Last night’s dinner may have left some stains on your stovetop, floor or kitchen cabinets. No one likes strong odors of last night’s dinner!! I vacuum all carpeted areas and furniture again. I check bathrooms for marks on mirrors or any toilet bowl cleaning that may be needed. Make sure your guests have access to clean towels, extra blankets, sunscreen and bug spray as needed and I think it is a nice touch to provide soap and shampoo and conditioner in the guest bathroom in case they forgot them. I also have disposable razors and new toothbrushes in the cabinet.

I hope you find this helpful