Insomnia diaries volume 2…


Lack of sleep gives me way too much time to over think everything. I did not look at the clock this time. When I do, I calculate how many hours of sleep I can get if I fall asleep right now.  What about now? If i sleep now…you get the idea.That stresses me out more, and the vicious cycle continues.

So instead I thought about my upcoming birthday and got a little homesick…every year I get together with friends and go to my favorite restaurant… Not this year…I’m thousands of miles away! None of those people are in same state I am.

I can make new traditions, but I sure do miss my mom.I miss my special flourless chocolate cake. I miss my best friend.

I don’t have a favorite restaurant here yet. I can have a party with my new friends, but they don’t know me well….lack of sleep makes me sentimental I suppose. Blah blah blah feelings. I want my mommy poor me poor me.

So many cups of coffee into my day and I’m down right Slaphappy! Lack of sleep is bad for your mind, your looks, your metabolism… I’m going to go get some gummy bears and take a nap on my lunch break..



5 thoughts on “Insomnia diaries volume 2…

  1. Hopefully by now you would of had a successful nap.

    You are as open in person as you are in your posts, I would think those that are close to you know how much this means to you.

    If you don’t think they do, I would make it very clear what this means to you. People aren’t mind readers and other people can be thick. Being so thick that they can miss things that are in plan sight.

    Happy Birthday Month to you.

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      1. Chameleons change their appearance by change their color to blend into their surroundings, it’s a great benefit to have that ability.

        You can blend to new traditions and perhaps even show people the traditions you like too. You can have them adapt and be a chameleon too.

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