Some words on THAT post….

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You may notice I took down my last post. Came under a lot of fire for it. I took it down because someone told me their child reads my posts, not because I think I shouldn’t have said it.

I’m very candid about mental health, eating disorders, my low self esteem… why would I hide or be less candid about substance abuse?

As it stands, I did not intend to offend anyone.




2 thoughts on “Some words on THAT post….

  1. People seem to be offended too often these days. Those that are offended want their words to be heard and I can respect that.

    Here’s a question.. at what point does a person(s), who become offended, become a bully for making others to be silent?

    I can understand that people need to express themselves within reason.

    Good job to the parent for making sure their kids are using the internet that is age appropriate. There should be more parents like you.

    From what I can grasp Kristin, from older posts that you made, you have some posts that can be read for most ages. However you appeal to adults more than kids, you have conditions that are similar to other adults and you are proof that women can be strong and highly intelligent.

    Actions that we made, although everyone does not have to agree, can be frowned upon.

    That is life, you make choices and you live with it.

    Keep posting, you will get people who may not like what your wrote, but they have read what you had to say. You are interesting and make connections that other ADULTS who look to you for guidance, experience, comfort, and how to manage conditions that other people do not understand.

    I’m sorry that you took down your post. I respect that you did so for your friend.

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