The holidays are going to be awkward, but I have a lip stain I love…

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So this morning my guy shows me a text his mom sent him. I’m paraphrasing here, but it basically said that I am a bad choice for him because of my depression issues! Wow! That was unexpected and it hurt. I thought she liked me and we got along great. Needless to say, I felt like crying. Imagine the shaking bottom lip, the tears welling up and the sniff sniff sound one makes because crying makes your nose run. Sexy stuff! I was at work though, so no choice but to hold it in and keep my head up. I did however text my best friend, because that’s what people do.

I’m very candid about my experiences with Depression and Anxiety. I’m not ashamed of who I am or where I’ve been. The stigma is real and many people suffer in silence. I think it’s sad to be too ashamed to admit what you’re going through, or part of what makes you who you are. No one is perfect. We all have things we could work on, or need help from time to time.I’m stronger for it and I’m more empathetic towards others. I wouldn’t change a thing!

I spent much of the day feeling bad about myself, sniff! eyes welling up with tears. Sniff, sniff! shaky hands and bottom lip quivering, but then I realized that there is nothing I can do about it.  What I can do, is fix my makeup, keep my head up, and know that I am not under any obligation to be everything to everyone. Speaking of makeup, I just got a great lip-stain at Target. E.L.F. lip-stain in Rouge Radiance, it’s a bright red in the tube, but gives you that just ate a popsical stain that looks really pretty and natural. It lasts a long time and doesn’t dry out my lips! I like it for work, or when I don’t want to go full-on red lipstick! It really is the little things! It’s a little watery, so my tip is spread it with your finger. You know how to apply lip stick, so I’m not going to explain the process, you’re smarter than that…

That’s the big trick I think, focus on what you like about yourself, even if it is your makeup! Baby steps! Also, use a different kleenex for your eyes than you use for your nose! No one wants to be sad and have a eye infection!

Wish me luck!




6 thoughts on “The holidays are going to be awkward, but I have a lip stain I love…

  1. I know you will make amends and look great doing so.

    There is good advise on the internet that may help with how to respond to a significant others mom.
    1. Make an Impression.
    -tell or show her that you want to make the relationship with her work.
    2. Control you Mood.
    – try not to block her out.
    3. Allow her to respond.
    – this can get emotional, and think ahead for any positive or negative responses.
    4. Be yourself and on your best behavior.
    -with her agreeing to change and try
    5. Humor.
    -conflict triggers stressful reactions and tensions, humor defuses it.
    6. Everyone is different.
    -Appreciate your differences. Families approach life differently based on their beliefs, values, customs and history.

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  2. Thank you hun! For the moment, I choose to do nothing. I will wait and see how my guy responds, wait until I am less emotional because when emotions are high, intelligence is low. So today, doing nothing is better than making things worse. I will always be polite and nice no matter what.

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  3. Girl you don’t need luck you have pazzaz and a fighters spirit. This was beautifully written and engaged me totally. I had depression my whole life and would fight to death for anyone who wants out of it. We are only suffering because of something we took in through childhood that turned us against our instinct and lovable ability. I will pray for you my friend, that you can see what an overcomer you already are !!!!!

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