Going from office to out on a Friday night

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On Fridays, usually my guy and I leave the house for work around 6:45am and then go straight out after work. That’s right, we live and work together! ( So far, we are not sick of each other) This does not afford me much time to “get ready”, so I have a few tricks up my sleeve to make it look like I did…

Luckily, I can wear jeans to work, so  i usually do on Fridays and I pick a shirt that is appropriate but not super office-y. I don’t usually dress up much for work, so a black t-shirt and jeans or a nice top and jeans works. Fridays, no band t-shirts sadly. I do my makeup as usual and bring a few accessories with me, like a change of earrings or bracelets or a change of shoes. ( be careful with very high heels if you are planning to engage in substance abuse)

Now for what’s in my bag.. I always carry a travel sized deodorant with me because after a long day in the heat, smelling bad is possible. I have a travel sized toothbrush and toothpaste ( no explanation needed), hand cream A black hair tie, a red and a pink lipstick, lip-gloss, black eyeliner, setting powder for touch-ups, q-tips, and dry shampoo.

So right before I leave work, I add more eyeliner, put on some lipstick, which can be used as blush if needed,  fix any smudged makeup or shiny areas,touch up my hair with dry shampoo for volume, hand cream can be used for frizzy hair very sparingly- I mean it- a little bit goes a long way!, and brush my teeth and use deodorant if needed. I change accessories if I want to that day, and done. 5 minutes and I’m ready for a night out.

What tricks do you know? Share!




2 thoughts on “Going from office to out on a Friday night

  1. I actually keep an overnight bag in the trunk of my car.

    I will keep a change of clothes (that is wash weekly) as well as some basic Toiletries.

    I do not wash off my makeup if I am to sleep over. But I would wake up the next morning and spruce up the current makeup I have on. Usually does the trick until I can make it home to redo my makeup.

    I’ll have to give yours a go if I just need to refresh my makeup before going out on the town.

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