Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product! Don’t have a leather face, use sunscreen!!

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So, you know you should be wearing sunscreen, rain or shine everyday. (duh!) Most people don’t because of the smell, feel or just don’t think about it. Wearing sunscreen everyday helps prevent skin cancer, sunburn and skin aging!! What more could you ask from one single product?  Have you ever seen a person over 30 who doesn’t wear spf?More often than not, they have wrinkles, uneven skin tone, and that leathery look. No thank you!! I use spf 50 on my face daily and spf 30 on my body, this is just for daily activities. If I’m going to spend time outside, I use a higher spf! I am the world’s most pale person, so avoiding sunburn is a daily struggle!

I have started using Hawiian Tropic Sheer Touch sunscreen in place of my body lotion everyday. It has spf 30 and a little bit of shimmer! Don’t be afraid of the shimmer, it’s very very subtle! Not glitter! Will not make you look like a stripper! ( no offense to strippers) It smells a little bit like coconut when you first apply it, which doesn’t bother me because I think it smells beachy. After wearing it for a little while the smell fades away completely.  It feels like body lotion on, not sticky or gross feeling!

Every time I wear it, my guy says I look like I glow from within!! He is a great judge of what beauty products work, because he knows nothing about them! The compliments are genuine. It’s easy to remember to use it daily because I just put it on after my shower as a body lotion alternative. It’s moisturizing like a lotion too. I highly recommend it!!

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3 thoughts on “Sunscreen is the best anti-aging product! Don’t have a leather face, use sunscreen!!

  1. I prefere Japanese sunscreens because they have the most perfect control over skincare industry in Japan, especially if you buy a kids sunscreen you can be sure it’s been made using the safest ingredients. Personally, I like Biore sunscreens range, cheap and efective, never make a greasy and sticky effect on my face and don’t clog the pores.

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    1. I love Biore sunscreen. There are times right now I’m gonna be outside and I need to have a very high SPF in which case I can’t seem to find anything higher other than Coppertone. If I’m going to wear SPF just to wear SPF I love Biore

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