I’ve got 99 problems but chipped nail polish isn’t one..

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I have a love/hate relationship with painting my nails. I keep them painted all the time, otherwise I will bite them into bloody stumps! I hate when my nail polish chips and then I have to re-paint in a few days. Because of that, I get acrylic nails off and on. I’ve had no-chip shellac manicures as well. I love acrylics because they don’t chip and look good all the time,but they are expensive. I can’t afford to keep getting them done with all the crazy life changes going on with me right now. Gotta save money honey!

So, I just took off my acrylic nails myself, my weak, brittle natural nails look gross unless I keep them painted!I literally just picked them off over the course of a few days, leaving peely, gross, sore stumps where my pretty long nails used to be!  I decided to try CND Vinylux weekly polish. It’s a bit pricier than other nail polishes, but it truly lasts all week!! I picked it up on a whim at CVS. I painted my nails and over a week later, no chips! Not one chip! Lots of nail polishes promise to last, but usually can’t stand up to my daily routine.

They have a great range of colors to choose from, and it dries pretty quickly too! I’m not great at painting my nails, but they look great until I decide to re-paint! My life has been a crazy messy roller coaster ride lately and painting my nails has been pretty low on my list of things to handle! It’s one of those small things that help you look more polished and together!

I highly recommend you try it!!!





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  1. These look interesting! I’m all up for long-lasting nail polishes. The shades are pretty too.

    Btw, I tagged you for the Dawn Dagger Challenge. Feel free to check it out. Thanks! 💕https://wandersummer.wordpress.com/2017/06/01/blog-update-500-followers-q-a-ask-me-anything-blog-awards-and-tags/

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