My embarrassing moment getting sick on an airplane

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I went to Illinois for 8 days. I got to see my best friend and all the people I have really missed!! We went to a dive bar in Wisconsin, a biker clubhouse, craft stores, grocery stores, Ulta, I saw ducks and baby chicks at a farm store-sooo very cute!! I love love love baby animals!! I had a ton of fun!! It was so great seeing everyone!! Then, I got sick… If you have a weak stomach, don’t read on. This gets graphic!

On Saturday morning I woke up with a hangover and very little sleep. I had been coming down with a cold for a few days now so I had to keep finding the bathroom to blow my nose. I felt pretty awful so I waited until I got to the airport to eat. They had calamari!! I ordered calamari and a glass of Italian sangria. It was delicious! It was great hangover food too!! ( not that the wine didn’t help too) I was happy and ready for the plane. I completely disregarded the fact that I can not have gluten. I have full on celiac disease, and yet, I ate breaded squid anyway. Sniff! My nose was running. Sniff Sniff! I asked the flight attendant for some Kleenex and she gave me some napkins, good enough.

I had a window seat and my book and was reading for about an hour when I ran out of Kleenex so I had to keep sniffing like a coke-head every 5 minutes. Sniff! I’m sure the couple next to me were annoyed. I was annoyed. I was thinking about how I really really need to blow my nose and then I got super nauseous. My stomach made a gurgling sound. Sniff! Sniff! All of a sudden, I had to throw up, like right now!! I let the couple next to me know I needed to get up and hurried to the bathroom!! It was occupied!! I grabbed the big garbage bag from the flight attendant and vomited in front of everyone. What else could I do?

Almost everyone on the plane had seen and they all heard what had just happened! I was mortified!! My eyes were watering and my nose was running and just had to wait for the bathroom. A very nice flight attendant gave me a napkin. I finally got into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face, brushed my teeth and used the bathroom. Thank god I have a toothbrush in my purse at all times and toothpaste!! The walk back to my seat felt like it took forever. I got back in my seat and started reading my book again. Sniff! Sniff! My stupid nose was running again!  Sniff!! Great, because people needed another reason to stare at me. I got off that plane as fast as possible and made it baggage claim in record time!!

When I got close to baggage claim, my family was there with signs and everything!! It was a great surprise!!

Tell me your travel stories!!



2 thoughts on “My embarrassing moment getting sick on an airplane

  1. My worst plane experience;
    I ordered red wine and a sprite to make my own spritzer. The plastic cups they give you on the plane are small. So I can make like 5-6 spritzers.

    After I finished my 3rd my stomach was in knots. I though I was nervous from the turbulence. By the time I was done with my spritzers I was nauseous.

    My stomach was making the most awful sounds and I knew people around me can hear it.

    I waited until I got to my destination and I needed to throw up.

    I felt so much better after I got the spritzers out of my system, and I was ready for more.

    Hope you feel better

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