I’m the annoying picky eater with food allergies…

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We all have that friend or family member who it’s hard to feed either due to food allergies, pickiness or any number of reasons. It’s a pain, it’s annoying,what to do with them on holidays?  Oh geeze, they are staying with me!! The horror!What restaurants can this person eat at? The headache!! I am that person and here is my experience…

I have a severe case of celiac disease. I’ve had it since before there was a gluten free isle in the grocery store. What is gluten? people were constantly asking me. Well, I can’t have wheat products at all ever!! I also cannot have barley or beer. ” Can’t you just pick the croutons off the salad?” The answer is no, if  I eat anything that so much touches a gluten product, I am in for 3 to 6 days of extreme gastrointestinal duress! Sometimes so bad I cannot leave the house.

Being invited to stay for dinner at someone’s house is like playing Russian Roulette! It’s not polite to ask what they are making, so if I do say that I will stay, I have to just risk it. I will make it future Kristin’s problem! Holidays are the worst! Do I bring my own food? That’s kind of rude. Sometimes they offer to make me something I can have, and I feel terrible putting them out!! Many a Thanksgiving I had an apple for dinner. Oh the attention you will get! It’s hard to avoid the pitfalls of social interaction, especially involving new people! ” Why is she just having steamed vegetables at this pasta restaurant” They whisper among themselves.. So my eating habits are always being scrutinized by people I don’t know very well! Fun times!!

If you have been reading some of my other articles, you know I am very candid. I have no problem explaining in detail, what kind of gastrointestinal problems happen if you ask me, you can ask me anything!  I will spare you the gory details though. See, I’m not a complete nightmare, just don’t try to feed me! It’s easier to explain what I can eat, than tell you everything I can’t. Who has that kind of time? I do however know how to be adaptable!! You want fast food? I can have french fries preferably without salt. See, i’m also kind of picky. You want Chinese? They always have steamed vegetables on the menu! Pasta place? Somewhere on the menu will be something I can have, even if I have to ask for it special!!

The people close to me are aware of my restrictions and always try to accommodate me. I feel bad when I know someone picked a restaurant because they have gluten free options and not because that’s what everyone wanted!! I really don’t want to inconvenience my friends. If you have a person in your life like me, they probably don’t want to put you out. Most likely they are a little embarrassed!! If you see them eating very little at a social event, it’s because that’s all they can have. They probably ate before they came so don’t draw attention to it.


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2 thoughts on “I’m the annoying picky eater with food allergies…

  1. Your right about any restaurant, they have fresh options which should accommodate most food allergies.

    Most families I know, have members or close friends that have their owe restrictions.

    Weather you have Diabetes, can’t have alcohol, gluten, nut allergies just to name a few.

    You shouldn’t feel like your putting anyone out. Whomever you are staying with feels good knowing they can make everyone they are having over feeling like all their guests are included.

    It makes other people aware and this is not something that is changing. Eventually you will have someone you know that has specific restrictions, but don’t make everything about that person. Otherwise they may feel the way that you feel. You are being pointed out and the center of attention.

    At least they are aware. There is a sense of appreciation and that should be a bit better than having to be sick for several days.

    Good post.

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