The Face cream that I am super addicted to!!

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Embryolisse Lait-creme consentre, I got it as a sample in my birch box subscription. I love this face cream! I’m Obsessed, truly!! I do not declare many things the ultimate unless I have truly tried a bunch of similar products and this particular one is clearly better! I used up the sample so fast, I had to have more asap. I think it’s like how drug dealers give you a sample for free, knowing you will be addicted and willing to pay in the future. Kind of a great business model. I bought the full size right away,the crack of face creams! It’s french! It’s affordable! It’s vegan! It doesn’t clog pores! It doesn’t smell bad and isn’t greasy!! There is no downside!

So, if you have read some of my previous posts, you know I don’t sleep enough, sometimes staying awake for almost 72 hours at a time!! Lack of sleep can make your skin dry and dull! The under eye circles are so bad I contemplate skipping concealer and just gluing glitter under my eyes! I know I am not fooling anyone. I put this moisturizer on and my skin looks healthy and is super moisturized!! I put a little over my eye cream in the event that I was crying and my eyes are puffy and red from wiping away the tears. I hate crying! Very few people have ever seen me cry, but when I do, I ugly cry so hard I usually throw up! ( probably because I push those emotions way down for as long as possible, so when they come out, they come out in a huge dramatic way) I know, not healthy….anyways…

I personally like to use it at night because I prefer a face cream with sunscreen for day. That is just personal preference though. It’s super duper moisturizing and if you have ever over exfoliated and your skin is a little raw, this will fix that overnight!! Beard burn from kissing some guy with a beard? This will fix that! I have been using a dermaroller ( more on that in a future post) and it works by causing trauma to the skin, so it produces more collegen which makes you look better. Supposedly. I put this on right after and in the morning, all the redness and slight pain is gone!!

I have used it during the day, when I really look bad, and makeup goes on beautifully over this. Just put it on, wait a few minutes and apply your makeup as usual. I would guess that the only people who would not like this are people with oily skin. I tend to be dry, so I’m not sure if an oilier skin type might get greasier…

You can get it on or at and it is under $30.00.

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