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So I am the worst person when I am sick!! My throat is super sore. I tried that Chlrorsepic spray, spoonfuls of honey, those throat candy things and no such luck. My throat feels like they took a tooth cleaning way too far. My voice sounds like a cartoon villain!!

Never one to give up, I went to webmd and searched my symptoms. Huge mistake! It could be strep throat, or cancer of doom!! Webmd always turns me into a full blown hypochondriac!! Every thing seems to maybe, possibly mean I am having a stroke or brain tumor or some other incurable disease that could kill me in minutes. See, I am the worst sick person..

So, once I stopped freaking out, I headed to pintrest for possible remedies. They all seemed to have the same ingredients, so I headed to the kitchen instead of the emergency room.

So, while I totally plan to see a doctor and this recipe is in no way meant to replace medical care, here is the recipe from pintrest, that is making it kinda bearable…

1 tsp.honey

1 tsp. cinnamon

1 tsp. lemon

in a coffee cup full of hot water…

It’s kind of hard to drink because the cinnamon hits your nose before your throat and kind of burns your nose, but if you breath through your mouth and drink it slowly a few times, it does soothe the throat. It doesn’t taste bad, a little weird, but not bad. I made the mistake of not measuring out the cinnamon and just shook it directly into the cup, and I may have used way too much. That would account for the nose burning sensation. Be smart, measure it out!!

Do you have any sore throat remedies?



One thought on “Remedies for a sore throat

  1. I have a sore throats remedy, but I hate doing it.
    Salt in warm water, then you gargle.
    I haven’t measured it out before.
    Usually I get a coffee cup and I pore salt until it covers the bottom. Then I add warm water to my coffee cup about 1/3 of the way up. Then gargle until you have no more water left. It’s important to swirl the cup in between gargles to keep the salt mixed with the water.

    I hate salt with a fire burning passion, but this is my go to when my throats hurts like a (insert your curse word here).

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