Getting on an airplane by myself…

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So I am currently planning a trip. I’m going to see my mom and my best friend, and whomever else cares that I came back I suppose. My plan, couch surfing. I have never flown anywhere alone before! I’m not afraid of flying, I beg for the window seat so I can watch the plane take off and land. I want to see the clouds. I love seeing a city all lit up at night. But this time is different. This time I am doing it alone and that really scares me. I’m sure I can find my gate and be early enough to choose an airplane book to read. Airplane books are different than regular books!

Here are my tried and true airplane reading rules. First of all, you have to buy your book at the airport. The book must be long enough to last the flight. On an airplane you must read either absolute smut, a mystery novel by an author you have never heard of, or a celebrity biography sure to shock. It’s a few hours, you need to be engaged so it feels less long!! This will calm you during turbulence or when sitting next to a smelly guy who keeps trying to look down your shirt.

This particular trip, I will need two books! This is my first time flying alone. On this trip, I see people I miss, but also decide once and for all if I am moving back home. I moved almost a year ago and am cut off from everyone I know. Making friends has been difficult for me. I have my dream house, but it isn’t enough…something is missing. If this trip goes well, I am in for more alone adventures which is terrifying!! If not, I go home with my tail between my legs and make it work. I have not always been great at making huge life choices so i really need to choose wisely. I’m bravely just going for it, and the pieces will fall where they may. I feel kind of weird just going to the movies alone.

Have you traveled alone? Wish me luck-I suck at packing



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  1. I have flown alone a few times. One thing is for sure, it never hurts to ask. The airport is full of employees that will help you find what you need.
    If your not sure if your flight was delayed or your gate was transferred just ask.
    For what it sounds like you have entertainment and your not afraid of the actual flying. You just don’t want to miss your flight.

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      1. When in doubt follow the heard. The flight your on will have other people going to get on the same plane as you. Plus they will also sit in the same area that you will be sitting waiting for your flight. If you notice others moving to another spot then start asking about your flight.

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      1. There are a lot of people that travel. This is not an impossible feet. You gotta at least try. When you do make a post. I would love to hear how you would get ready for a new adventure.

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  2. I flew alone many times and enjoyed that. That was just the same as if I had a company, I mean I took a coffee in an airport cafe and walked around duty free stores but all by myself. Couple of those trips took place before mobile itternet and social media era so the only disadvantage of traveling alone for me was that I couldn’t share what I saw and feel with anybody. Although, you can meet new interesting people! Good luck!

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