Clear glowing skin with a mask

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I just tried Kiehl’s Tumeric and Cranberry seed Energizing and Radiance mask. Tumeric is showing up in a lot of beauty products lately, and for good reason!! It helps clear up your skin. I would much rather put Tumeric on my face than drink it!! This mask is kind of a brownish yellow color and has little exfoliating beads in it, the cranberry seeds I suppose…

Usually, I exfoliate before using a mask, but since this one has exfoliating beads, I was able to skip that step. It doesn’t smell like anything, but it is very very thick. It has a bit of a tingling sensation to it, but not in a burning sort of way. Leave on for 10 minutes and rinse it off the directions say.

I may have left it on longer because my doorbell rang and some very small boys were selling candy bars for some fundraiser. They looked terrified when they saw me. I probably looked like a fairy tale witch. So, if you like to scare the neighborhood kids, this will do it!! Maybe I will do some weird looking mask on Halloween. Anyways, I then decided to rinse it off.I did have to use additional cleanser because that shiz dries really super hard. I rinsed and rinsed and it would not come off my face.

After finally getting the mask off, my face is a little pink. I have super sensitive skin though. It could also be from all the scrubbing. My face is super smooth and I have zero blackheads or pimples. So overall I would recommend it and use it again.




How to beautify when you are sick

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So ever since I got back from my trip, I have been sick. I have the worst cold ever, with fatigue, a low fever and sinus headaches. In addition to taking cold medicine, duh, I am taking my couch time as a spa day!!

Here is a list of things you can do while you are sick…

-Do a face mask! Just put it on and lay on the couch watching tv for the time indicated. I usually leave mine on longer than it says because I lose track of time. I’m not recommending that, but if it happens it probably won’t hurt you. My face hasn’t melted yet!

-Moisturize!! Put on your intensive face moisturizer, body oil, those moisturizing socks for your feet. Take a nap and let it work. A little Aquaphor on the sides of your nose works well if you have rudolph nose! Aquaphor also works for chapped lips.

-Deep condition your hair! I like to put coconut oil in my hair and cover it with a shower cap. The heat from your head helps it penetrate. Again, you can take a nap if you want, or watch a movie and just leave it in for hours. Then just shampoo and condition as usual. Since you’re not going anywhere, no need to style or blow dry.

-Do aromatherapy in the shower! There are these little aromatherapy tablets you can get at the drugstore for around $3.00. You just put them on the shower floor and let it help your sinuses. They also make inexpensive aromatherapy bath products if you are a bath person.

-Paint your nails. Most likely, you won’t be moving around too much, so less chance of chipping or smudging. I like a bold bright color to cheer me up, but that’s just me.

-Try those unappetizing juice recipes that are really healthy. You won’t taste or smell it and it will help you feel better. Beet juice anyone?

When you do feel better, your skin and hair will look as great as you feel!!





My embarrassing moment getting sick on an airplane

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I went to Illinois for 8 days. I got to see my best friend and all the people I have really missed!! We went to a dive bar in Wisconsin, a biker clubhouse, craft stores, grocery stores, Ulta, I saw ducks and baby chicks at a farm store-sooo very cute!! I love love love baby animals!! I had a ton of fun!! It was so great seeing everyone!! Then, I got sick… If you have a weak stomach, don’t read on. This gets graphic!

On Saturday morning I woke up with a hangover and very little sleep. I had been coming down with a cold for a few days now so I had to keep finding the bathroom to blow my nose. I felt pretty awful so I waited until I got to the airport to eat. They had calamari!! I ordered calamari and a glass of Italian sangria. It was delicious! It was great hangover food too!! ( not that the wine didn’t help too) I was happy and ready for the plane. I completely disregarded the fact that I can not have gluten. I have full on celiac disease, and yet, I ate breaded squid anyway. Sniff! My nose was running. Sniff Sniff! I asked the flight attendant for some Kleenex and she gave me some napkins, good enough.

I had a window seat and my book and was reading for about an hour when I ran out of Kleenex so I had to keep sniffing like a coke-head every 5 minutes. Sniff! I’m sure the couple next to me were annoyed. I was annoyed. I was thinking about how I really really need to blow my nose and then I got super nauseous. My stomach made a gurgling sound. Sniff! Sniff! All of a sudden, I had to throw up, like right now!! I let the couple next to me know I needed to get up and hurried to the bathroom!! It was occupied!! I grabbed the big garbage bag from the flight attendant and vomited in front of everyone. What else could I do?

Almost everyone on the plane had seen and they all heard what had just happened! I was mortified!! My eyes were watering and my nose was running and just had to wait for the bathroom. A very nice flight attendant gave me a napkin. I finally got into the bathroom and splashed some water on my face, brushed my teeth and used the bathroom. Thank god I have a toothbrush in my purse at all times and toothpaste!! The walk back to my seat felt like it took forever. I got back in my seat and started reading my book again. Sniff! Sniff! My stupid nose was running again!  Sniff!! Great, because people needed another reason to stare at me. I got off that plane as fast as possible and made it baggage claim in record time!!

When I got close to baggage claim, my family was there with signs and everything!! It was a great surprise!!

Tell me your travel stories!!


Packing for my first solo flight,anxiety in stereo..

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So today is the day!! I a few short hours I will be at the airport alone. I  have a plan and am mostly confident I won’t miss my flight or get on the wrong plane. I am terrified I will end up on the wrong plane!!! I have books to read on my flight and I’m almost all packed…

Packing for 8 days is a nightmare! I have packed and repacked and reevaluated my suitcase 3 times!! The weather is colder where I am going between 50 and 60 degrees, so I need layers., but do I really need 2 David Bowie T-shirts? Yes, yes I do. How many black tank tops do I need to make outfits? Is 3 too many? Onto the shoes…It might rain so I need boots or something wet feet is no fun! I also need cute wedge sandals. I need workout shoes and I’m wearing flip flops to the airport because it is about 90 degrees where I am and flip flops come off easy.  I need workout clothes, jeans, pajamas, I don’t have a lot of cold weather clothes. I’m bringing 5 sweaters but most of them need something underneath them, hence the black tank tops. I’m bringing a light jacket. I’m bringing skin care products and makeup and hair products!! just the essentials though.  I have so much stuff!! I’m going to take it all out again and try to eliminate some more things. I am spinning out!! Can you tell I’m nervous?

Okay The regular sized suitcase can’t possibly fit everything I need!! I could pack 2, but I don’t want to seem high maintenance! I am high maintenance, I just don’t want to look it. So the solution was 1 huge suitcase!! I can fit inside this one with room to spare! It probably weighs more than I do. I’m so afraid of forgetting something important!! I am afraid of getting lost at the airport or losing my luggage.

I’m filled with anxiety, ( duh, right) but I am really excited to see my friends!!  I know I’m going to have the very best time!!

Wish me luck!!



I’m the annoying picky eater with food allergies…

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We all have that friend or family member who it’s hard to feed either due to food allergies, pickiness or any number of reasons. It’s a pain, it’s annoying,what to do with them on holidays?  Oh geeze, they are staying with me!! The horror!What restaurants can this person eat at? The headache!! I am that person and here is my experience…

I have a severe case of celiac disease. I’ve had it since before there was a gluten free isle in the grocery store. What is gluten? people were constantly asking me. Well, I can’t have wheat products at all ever!! I also cannot have barley or beer. ” Can’t you just pick the croutons off the salad?” The answer is no, if  I eat anything that so much touches a gluten product, I am in for 3 to 6 days of extreme gastrointestinal duress! Sometimes so bad I cannot leave the house.

Being invited to stay for dinner at someone’s house is like playing Russian Roulette! It’s not polite to ask what they are making, so if I do say that I will stay, I have to just risk it. I will make it future Kristin’s problem! Holidays are the worst! Do I bring my own food? That’s kind of rude. Sometimes they offer to make me something I can have, and I feel terrible putting them out!! Many a Thanksgiving I had an apple for dinner. Oh the attention you will get! It’s hard to avoid the pitfalls of social interaction, especially involving new people! ” Why is she just having steamed vegetables at this pasta restaurant” They whisper among themselves.. So my eating habits are always being scrutinized by people I don’t know very well! Fun times!!

If you have been reading some of my other articles, you know I am very candid. I have no problem explaining in detail, what kind of gastrointestinal problems happen if you ask me, you can ask me anything!  I will spare you the gory details though. See, I’m not a complete nightmare, just don’t try to feed me! It’s easier to explain what I can eat, than tell you everything I can’t. Who has that kind of time? I do however know how to be adaptable!! You want fast food? I can have french fries preferably without salt. See, i’m also kind of picky. You want Chinese? They always have steamed vegetables on the menu! Pasta place? Somewhere on the menu will be something I can have, even if I have to ask for it special!!

The people close to me are aware of my restrictions and always try to accommodate me. I feel bad when I know someone picked a restaurant because they have gluten free options and not because that’s what everyone wanted!! I really don’t want to inconvenience my friends. If you have a person in your life like me, they probably don’t want to put you out. Most likely they are a little embarrassed!! If you see them eating very little at a social event, it’s because that’s all they can have. They probably ate before they came so don’t draw attention to it.


Do you have food allergies? Let’s talk!



The Face cream that I am super addicted to!!

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Embryolisse Lait-creme consentre, I got it as a sample in my birch box subscription. I love this face cream! I’m Obsessed, truly!! I do not declare many things the ultimate unless I have truly tried a bunch of similar products and this particular one is clearly better! I used up the sample so fast, I had to have more asap. I think it’s like how drug dealers give you a sample for free, knowing you will be addicted and willing to pay in the future. Kind of a great business model. I bought the full size right away,the crack of face creams! It’s french! It’s affordable! It’s vegan! It doesn’t clog pores! It doesn’t smell bad and isn’t greasy!! There is no downside!

So, if you have read some of my previous posts, you know I don’t sleep enough, sometimes staying awake for almost 72 hours at a time!! Lack of sleep can make your skin dry and dull! The under eye circles are so bad I contemplate skipping concealer and just gluing glitter under my eyes! I know I am not fooling anyone. I put this moisturizer on and my skin looks healthy and is super moisturized!! I put a little over my eye cream in the event that I was crying and my eyes are puffy and red from wiping away the tears. I hate crying! Very few people have ever seen me cry, but when I do, I ugly cry so hard I usually throw up! ( probably because I push those emotions way down for as long as possible, so when they come out, they come out in a huge dramatic way) I know, not healthy….anyways…

I personally like to use it at night because I prefer a face cream with sunscreen for day. That is just personal preference though. It’s super duper moisturizing and if you have ever over exfoliated and your skin is a little raw, this will fix that overnight!! Beard burn from kissing some guy with a beard? This will fix that! I have been using a dermaroller ( more on that in a future post) and it works by causing trauma to the skin, so it produces more collegen which makes you look better. Supposedly. I put this on right after and in the morning, all the redness and slight pain is gone!!

I have used it during the day, when I really look bad, and makeup goes on beautifully over this. Just put it on, wait a few minutes and apply your makeup as usual. I would guess that the only people who would not like this are people with oily skin. I tend to be dry, so I’m not sure if an oilier skin type might get greasier…

You can get it on or at and it is under $30.00.

Share your favorite face cream with me!!



Insomnia diaries.. volume 1

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So lately, I have not been sleeping much. My mind is full of thoughts and songs and I can’t turn it off!!! I took a sleeping pill at 9pm, might as well have just had a glass of water. I have been this way my whole life. I just have to think the whole thing through, listen to the song over and over to get it out of my head and next thing I know, it’s 3 am and my day is shot! Stay awake or sleep all day?? That is the question…Here is the random crap that keeps me awake….

I had a long conversation with a friend today ( yesterday technically, since it is after midnight) and she is a lucky unicorn who has never had her heart broken. How lucky she is!! How jealous am I ? I was explaining the feeling of having your guts ripped out and run over by a train. She has no idea, none! She has never sang Sinead O’Connor’s “Nothing Compares to you” three months later at a bar while crying into a mai tai. I am probably the only person who would do that.. I can’t talk about my feelings very well and that is why I always have a playlist. I had to tell her what songs go with what soul crushing moment in my life! At least we laughed. I can be very dramatic! Is it just me? Am I stupid or brave for going all in like I do?  Realization-guys I date are always mean to me. Aha moment!!

Not related to that,but keeping me awake is that I have no idea what happened to the 401K’s I had at old jobs!! There should be 3 and I always put the maximum amount in. I have long forgotten the passwords and when I am retirement age I will have completely forgotten about them!! I don’t imagine 70 year old me will remember where I worked in 2002!! I imagine by then I will be some sort of eccentric recluse with no idea how to get my money back!! Will I have to eat cat food??

I had a very disappointing horoscope. I  know, I know most people would not care about this, but cut me some slack, I wanted insight into why I am not sleeping. It said,and I quote “You will suffer a great deal until venus comes out of retrograde on the 15th.” I have 9 days to suffer!! Suffer why? Not sleeping, or something awful is about to happen to me!! What happens on the 15th? So I checked like 5 different horoscope websites and they all seem to agree, suffer I will!! Well, I get really into this kind of thing when I am upset, so onto online tarot card readings I went! It’s a slippery slope after all. After a few hours of this, yes hours, It is unclear what is going to happen, but it won’t be good. Am I cursed?? Horoscopes and webmd are the same in the sense that you can lose mass amounts of time over analyzing everything until you are convinced you are dying!!

I do believe that lack of sleep is not helping at all. What keeps you up at night? Do you have any remedies for sleep? Let me know!!



I thought yoga wasn’t my thing, but now I love it!!

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A few years back, I tried a yoga workout dvd and it was not my thing. It was sooo slow. It was the longest 20 minutes of my entire life! I found it boring and not at all challenging. Why does everyone seem to love such a dull boring workout? I will never get that time back!! Worst $15.00 I ever spent! Since then, whenever a friend invited me to take a yoga class, I would decline because yoga was not for me.

I like high energy workouts that leave me drenched in sweat!! I really like to feel challenged. For years, all I would do was high intensity cardio and weights. Then I had the idea to try yoga again as a cool down from my other workouts. I think I read an article on the benefits in Self magazine. I found out that there are different types of yoga, and some are faster paced, or more difficult. Now I really like it!! That’s right, I really enjoy yoga!! Doing yoga to cool down after my workouts helps me be less sore!! I have more flexibility and balance. I also sometimes just do yoga! So I should not have judged a type of workout by one bad dvd!

I learned something very important, sometimes you need to try something more than once to determine if it is for you or not. Not just with fitness, but everything. I have started trying foods I didn’t like as a kid. Some I still don’t like, but some I really don’t mind now. I have always stood my ground that I hate carrots!! Raw or cooked, I don’t like them. The other day, I had something with carrots in it, I had a few and they weren’t so bad after all…

I hope you try something new, or retry something today!!




Meeting my Biological Mom

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I was in my twenties when I finally met my Biological mom. I found out I was adopted when I was 3. I had wondered about her almost my whole life!! Who was she? Where was she? Why did she give me up? The only thing the mom who raised me ever told me was that my father was in a band. Tiny me, at the tender age of 5 got a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine and the rest is kind of history.  I imagined either Steven Tyler or Mick Jagger was my father because I am pale, skinny and have big lips. I asked the mom who raised me if she gave me a name, because to me, at the tender age of 7, if she named me then she cared about me a little bit. I was told no, ” She just wanted to get rid of you and forget you ever existed”. This was a lie! She named me Elizabeth after her mother. She even wrote me a letter, that I have never seen…

I met her for the first time in an olive garden parking lot. She was so nervous!! I was so nervous I almost threw up! We talked for hours and didn’t even eat our food when it came. We have the very same hands, the same size feet and we walk the same!!  We both love leopard print clothes and very high heels, glitter and obscure bands.It felt like I had always known her. It was the very best way a story like this could go. There is no protocol for this kind of thing after all. She wanted to meet me and be in my life!! I was so happy! She and she alone got me, the real me! For better or worse, she has never stopped loving me. She is the mom I needed, the mom I should have had, my mom, my real mom.,

We have stayed in touch ever since and grown very close.I call her mama, or mommy when I really need her. She is by far the strongest woman I have ever met!! Since we met when I was already grown, we are friends. We can tell each other anything! But she is still my mom. She hated my nose ring, I took it out! We have 2 matching tattoos though. I have seen her heart break, she held her head high, put on great heels and strutted her stuff like it never mattered to her. She laughed and smiled and danced. I do the same thing, heels and all when my heart is broken. I get that from her. But she does it so much better! I have sad eyes that I can’t figure out how to conceal, not yet. The heels, the fashion sense, the tough exterior. If I grow up to be half the woman she is, I will consider myself blessed!

I saw a picture of her when she was pregnant with me, that was my face!! She kept an ultrasound picture of me right before I was born and let me have it. I was loved after all. We don’t look exactly alike, she has great cheekbones, I have bigger, sadder eyes, my hair is curly and crazy, hers is straight and shiny. I am a little taller, she has a great rack, that even the world’s best push up bra won’t give me. lol. We can share clothes and shoes and makeup. She is fiercely protective of those she loves, me included. I am as well.  But she is stronger, tougher, she loves fiercely and is independent. She has a huge heart and the strength to protect it. She does not fall apart when guys are mean to her. She fights for herself and others.

While she did not raise me, nature has made us very similar. She is an amazing mom to me and an amazing friend!! She stayed up til 3 am with me when my heart was so broken that I couldn’t imagine that I would ever stop crying. She was there for me, was strong when I couldn’t be, and gave me a safe place to land. The next day, she let me borrow amazing shoes and made sure I got green olives in my drinks at the bar. ( I love green olives in any drink, any, if it goes or not.) She accepts and loves me for exactly who I am! I am quite a strange girl, so this is huge!!!

I read my horoscope every day! It’s how I make sense of  the world. Fortune cookies are little life guides. When i am vegetarian or on a juice cleanse, she supports it even though she is a meat eater.  Her life has not been easy, but she has wisdom and kindness and strength.She told me ” Life and love will never be easy for us” and I know she is right. If I can have her grace and strength I know I can be as independent and amazing as she is someday. ” Don’t let guys be mean to you” is the best thing she ever said to me!! It’s okay to be alone. There is a quiet dignity to that.

The hopeless romantic in me really wants her to find her true love. The strong woman she is, is okay if that doesn’t happen. If I can stop being Gatsby romantic and be strong like her I will be lucky. If not, she will be there cheering me on and wishing the best for me. I am so lucky to have my mommy, even if it is unusual.  She is everything I hope to be someday and while I hope and hope her true love will find her, she doesn’t need that to happen. I read her horoscope everyday anyway. I believe enough for the both of us. She really deserves it, and I know he is out there. I get that unwavering faith in people from her! All my good qualities I get from her. I have the very best mama ever!! She has never read anything I have written, yet she believes I am a good writer because she believes I am talented, without any proof to back it up! In her mind, I will not fail at my dreams. If ever she has the chance, I want her to read this.

Tell your mom you love her!!