I got new eye shadow and my eyelids smell like peaches!!

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So, I ordered the Two Faced Sweet Peach eye shadow pallet from Sephora. The colors are great and it even comes with instructions for 3 different looks! The instructions are really easy to follow too! It has a great range of colors that can be used for natural looks as well as bold smokey eye looks. The colors are very pigmented and last all day. Even if you don’t use the instructions and just do your own thing, it’s hard to mess up because all the colors go well together.

I have been using it for weeks and never realized, it smells like peaches!! It just never occurred to me to sniff my makeup. Is that a thing? However I feel like it’s pretty cool that it smells fruity. I have always hated it when someone asks me to tell them something interesting about myself. I never know what they might find interesting and always say something dumb. Now, I have my answer!! My answer is ” My eyelids smells like peaches.” I bet they haven’t heard that before. tee hee. If they don’t laugh or at least smile, then I know we won’t be friends. ( I’m joking)

So now I am not only very happy with my eye makeup, in the event that someone is in a position to sniff my eyelid, I think they will be quite impressed! My best friend is probably the only person who might sniff my eyelid, if I asked her to, just to see if I am telling the truth! I really want to know if the peach smell lasts on your eyelids too…

Have you tried it?





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