The under $5.00 mask that is saving my skin!!

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So, if you have read my previous posts, you know giving up caffeine has put me on quite the roller coaster ride emotionally. Stress is bad for your skin! Stress breakouts are not cute. Lack of sleep is also no good. I basically have the recipe for bad skin this week…

So I happened to buy Freeman feeling beautiful cleansing apple cider vinegar clay mask and scrub. You can use it as a mask or a scrub and it cleans all the gook out of your pores. Apple Cider Vinegar does everything!! I like to use it as a mask, and then when you wash it off it is a scrub. Double duty product. I swear this mask is so much better than some of the popular pricey ones!! Trust. I would not stear you wrong. You can get it at Ulta or the drugstore for around $3.00. I’m obsessed with it.

So usually, I wash, exfoliate then apply my masks. Since this one exfoliates, I can skip a step. It doesn’t dry out your skin like a lot of clay masks do, doesn’t smell bad, and you have the option to just wash your face with it. My skin is clear, clean and even. I love when I find an inexpensive product that works really well!!Holy grail of masks!!



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