Giving up caffeine, day 1

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I am a caffeine addict. I drink coffee ( black) all day long, red bull, rockstar energy drinks,5 hour energy and more coffee.I have been drinking coffee everyday since I was 12. That much caffeine just isn’t healthy. I decided to go cold turkey today …

I’m always tired, I can fall asleep at a moments notice. A very dear friend suggested that it might be because I sleep poorly due to the amount of caffeine in my body. I am a terrible sleeper. I sleep a lot, but am never rested. I fall asleep watching movies. I stay up late and sleep soundly for a few hours and then am up at like 2 am washing the dishes… I lay awake in bed for hours with some dumb song in my head. The worst is when I don’t know all the words…Hours of you tube to finish the song, so my mind can rest, so I can sleep.

The headache!!!!! My head is pounding. It’s not a migraine, but almost. I’ve been awake for 2 hours and I feel loopy and exhausted and my head hurts. The active ingredient in most headache medicine is caffeine. So maybe the headache is a culmination of all the headaches I would have had if I wasn’t all coffee’d up?

My hands are shaky.  Why oh why do my hands keep shaking?? Coffee is addictive and I am seriously addicted. So now I am withdrawing and I feel awful.

I am starting to bargain with myself. Just 1 cup of coffee. Just to wake up. Just a taste..I can barely focus. I miss the smell!! I am determined to see if this will fix my sleep problems. According to the internet, if I can make it 3 days, I will sleep better, feel better and be healthier.

I am cranky! I am not nice today. My guy thinks it’s adorable. I flipped him off!He doesn’t drink coffee, he just wakes up somehow and has water. Water!! Who wakes up in the morning  having water? There is a ritual, I have my first cup of coffee, gather my thoughts, check my email, have another cup of coffee and then plan my day. You can’t do that with water. He is a unicorn! A unicorn that is currently pissing me off by saying how cute it is that I am all cranky and sleepy…He says my eye is twitching and he finds this adorable. I tell him if I wasn’t sort of attached to him, I’d stab him. Like I said, I’m cranky.

Soo, this is day 1 of trying to give up coffee. Have you done it? Are you a unicorn who wakes up without caffeine? How?









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      1. It’s okay. I took me some time as well to get to know these things.

        You can download it from my page or you can just google the Blogger Recognition Award badge and save it from there. 💕

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  1. Growing up at my parents house I was always awaken to the smell of coffee. It has it own unique smell that can get you out of bed.
    The smell is deceiving to me.

    I have tried a few times to make my own mixture but noting seems to work.

    Bare with me, as I explain what I taste when I drink coffee.
    Have you ever had a close conversation with a older person late in the day, and while you talk to them you have notice the old coffee smell on their breath.

    Yeah…. that’s what I taste

    No matter how it is sweetened or the coffee is made, I still have that after-taste in my mouth.


    So I have washed my hands of drinking high caffeine.

    I have tea, cold or hot (preferably hot). I love to experiment with different types of sweeteners and berries to make it interesting.

    Hope this helps, and good luck to you on your caffeine cleanse.

    Also congrats on the nomination

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