Sexting, a cautionary tale..

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One very drunken night, a long time ago, an ex boyfriend and I were being silly. He picked up my phone and started taking pictures of me because he said I looked really pretty.I was naked. Completely naked. He was playing photographer and we were being stupid and drunk. He then went to send himself the pictures he took and accidentally sent them to everyone on my phone!!

My boss, co-workers, friends, family,and ex boyfriends all got this picture. I had a ton of people in my phone!! He then sent a follow up begging everyone to delete it. I was mortified!!  I actually cried, and I don’t like to cry in front of anyone. Drinking and technology do not mix!! He was sorry, and I believe it really was an accident, but that doesn’t make it better. This kind of stuff only happens to me!

I had to walk into rooms where I knew everyone in the room had seen me naked. It’s very hard to keep your dignity in this situation!! No one said anything to me about it, but I knew they saw. Did they show anyone else? Probably. It wasn’t even a great picture!  The dude and I broke up eventually. We got back together briefly a few years later, and he still had the picture!! Geeze, who else might still have it. Makes my skin crawl just thinking about it!

When I met my current guy, we had some mutual friends and I felt I needed to tell him about what happened and get a head of the situation in case it came up. In case someone showed him or told him about it. Not fun! He was great about it and didn’t care a bit. He thought it was pretty funny! He has never taken a naked picture of me!! We will only text sexy words, not pictures to each other.

I know it’s really popular to send pictures of yourself to someone, and no judgement if that’s your thing. Just keep in mind that even if you’re not an idiot who accidentally sends it to the wrong recipient, it could still get shared. Celebrities have their phones hacked, and they always seem to have naked pictures of themselves on their phones. Break ups can be ugly, some people are jerks, no matter how much you trust the person it’s still a risk. Revenge porn is a thing! A disgusting thing, but people do it.  Just be careful.




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