My favorite new product to stay sexy for years

Skin care

Everyone knows that using sunscreen daily is important. It prevents skin cancer and helps protect against sun damage, keeping you healthier, sexier and all around better. I just got Supergoop defense refresh setting mist with rosemary and broad spectrum spf 50 in my birchbox this month!! I’m in love. I’m obsessed!!!!

This is a makeup setting spray that controls oil and gives you spf 50 protection. Your makeup will last longer and controls mid-day oiliness. It also refreshes your makeup throughout the day. It smells a little bit like rose water, not all chemically. I ordered the full size right away.

What you may not think of is, even if you are not wearing makeup, you can use this. It’s not just for girls! I spray it on my guy before he runs outside. It doesn’t get in his eyes when he is sweating like crazy, doesn’t smell girly and he will ask me for some when we are outside.

I keep it in my purse and reapply mid day, fixes my makeup, mattifies, and i have used it as straight up sunscreen on my body too. It’s easy ( just close your eyes before you spray it on your face) doesn’t smell bad, and you can use it as much as you want.I highly recommend this to anyone.


Let me know what you think.