How to look decent when your life is falling apart

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So, the past 3 days have been awful! I have been crying hysterically and existing on very few hours of sleep and I have the puffy bloodshot eyes to prove it. Sometimes life just kicks you when you’re down. Stupid fights with my guy, dead pets, emergency room visits with my kid are taking their toll on me. Unfortunately I still have to go out in public and show up to appointments. Here’s how I manage to not look completely awful.

If you’re anything like me, crying and sleepless nights bring puffy eyes and dark circles.I wash my face in very cold water and put an ice pack on my eyes for as long as I can stand it.  Grab some visine for any redness and wait a little while. ( my face is usually red from the ice pack and it takes about 10 minutes for it to go away)

I use a moisturizing face mask and then cold water again.  My skin looks bad, so I moisturize and then use a BB cream, I like Dr.Jart. I then use a brightening concealer under my eyes. You may be tempted to reach for the most coverage in concealer and foundation, but I find it just ends up looking worse than if you just keep it light. I find if I use my regular eye makeup I just look worse, so instead I use a pearly eye shadow and white eyeliner on my waterline, that’s it. No more eye makeup. Blush is your best friend!! I use a nice pinky blush to warm up my skin. Then I use a red lipstick. It makes you look polished and kind of draws attention away from your eyes.

I’m usually tempted to just wear comfy clothes since I’m exhausted and feel like crap! This is when I do the opposite. I dress up a little more. I spend a little extra time on my hair. This also helps me look a little better. I do not look my best by any means, but I can go out into the world and no one really notices that everything isn’t alright. I hope next week will be better.

I hope you find these tips helpful if you find yourself in a similar situation.



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  1. I lost it at losing a pet. 😦 Sometimes it really does feel like everything’s falling on you at once. Hugs girly, hope things get better. ♡


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