What it’s like to be the weird one..

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Ever since I was in kindergarten, other people have been telling me that I’m so weird.I never really worried about it, or tried to change it, it is just a fact. I went off to the first day of school in red cowboy boots, a pink tutu and about every bracelet I owned. I felt amazing!! I didn’t care that no one else was dressed like they were playing dress up, and I still don’t. I wear what I like, listen to what I like and really don’t care what everyone else is doing.

There are some major drawbacks to being the weird one-

I say and think things that most people don’t. My brain just naturally goes to those places.

I forget that not everyone wants to hear about something gross! I always do

It doesn’t occur to me to be embarrassed

Constant talk about bodily functions: mine, other people’s, shit I found out on the internet (pun intended)

I’m very interested in what death row inmates had for their last meal

I will share this information, because seriously, what could be more interesting?

Getting to know new people is exciting, but sometimes they don’t laugh.

The friends I have appreciate my uniqueness, everyone else-not so much

I just found out the grossest thing!-how I start a lot of phone conversations

Over the years, I have gotten more and more comfortable with just” letting my freak flag fly” as they say. Since moving to a new state last year, I have not made any friends. I’ve always let my friendships happen naturally. I usually had a fun group of equally weird friends and was always very content. Since moving, being super weird is kind of lonely.This is definitely a whole different world!

We have a funeral museum here, and I really think it would be cool to go. No one wants to go with me. They stare at me like just suggested we go eat human flesh if I suggest the activity. It exists! Someone must want to see it! I guess I  just have a very dark sense of humor.

I wanted to join a book club because I love to read. The ones I have found, do not read the kinds of books I’m interested in. ( frowny face ) I want to read a celebrity biography, a great mystery, absolute smut, or funny memoirs. I’m open to the classics, chick lit,tell-alls, occult or even philosophy and psychology! What I don’t want to read- self help! Nope, not my bag. Maybe on an airplane, but not on purpose.. Airplane books are another story to be written later, but the rules are very different. Christian books are also not my bag, the left behind series? not for me. These sadly are the only types of book clubs I could find.

At my kid’s school functions, all the mom’s have the lululemon yoga pants outfit with plain t shirt uniform. I’m the opposite. A lot of the other mom’s are nice, but we haven’t hit it off. Where are my weird people at?

I know eventually I will make friends. They will be shocked at just how weird I can be, but it will be okay. I’m the one you can always weird out with. Nothing is too gross or too out there! And even if that never happens, I know I will be old with my best friend, getting kicked out of IHOP for loudly being gross and weird and we will have the best time!!

Be nice to your weird friend!! It’s hard to just be yourself when you’re weird, it takes courage and a very clear sense of who you are.









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  1. It’s hard for adults to go out and try to make friends (and I’m not talking about a dating relationship). There are movies and there are books about women having a friend circle, that’s 3 or more friends who are also friends with each other.
    There are also TV shows but usually all the women on those types shows are not trying to be friends. So really….do adults want to have friends?
    I would certainly love to think so, I have high hopes. I think you have to be really selective when you want to have a circle of friends. Everyone in your group of friends would really need to want to be friends with everyone else, otherwise there will be just be drama.

    The best thing to do is just be yourself. You also need to be honest with everyone that you meet especially if you want them to be your friend.

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