Unsexy beauty problem-streaky self tanner

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I am the pastiest, palest person on the planet. I once spent my entire summer laying outside in the sun for at least an hour everyday. When school started, people actually said it looked like I hadn’t been in the sun all summer. Grumble grumble. Since then, I have tried almost every self tanner there is, usually with orange or streaky results.

Last week I tried once more, I bought the Jergens natural glow gradual tan in shower body lotion. I had high hopes for it. my skin felt moisturized and I didn’t smell all self-tanner like. But alas, when the color became noticeable (4 days)  I was kind of a yellow-orange color. Another fail.

To get rid of it, I covered myself in baby oil for about 20 minutes, then i really scrubbed with body scrub, followed by body wash and the usual shower things. I removed some color, but still looked a bit juandiced. I covered myself in baby oil again-like a lot of it, and started a bath. I am not a bath person, I get bored! What am I supposed to do in there? I know I have to try to stay in for at least 20 min. The longest, most boring 20 minutes of my life!! I tried reading in the tub, but ended up with wet books.I used the hottest water I could stand put in some bubble bath and epsom salts and went at my skin with a mixture of lemon juice and sugar. I just kept repeating this process, about 4 times. I am the cleanest human ever!

My skin has been exfoliated into rawness by this point! I have little areas where I scrubbed the skin right off! I am finally back to my pasty self. After all these fails, I know eventually I will want to try again. I am desperate for enough color to make me not look like a vampire! Til I find the holy grail of tanners, I will just have to rock my paleness. If I had any sense, I would just give up. Giving up just isn’t me though.

Anyone else have this problem? Did you find the magic product? Hit me up!!!



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