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I like natural products, but only if they work. I’m all about natural cleaning and beauty products, so when I received a free sample of natural deodorant I figured I would give it a try. I am quite the sweaty betty! During my workouts, I drip with sweat. When I get nervous, my hands and feet sweat a ton. When I am sick or have a nightmare, I wake up drenched in my own sweat. I know, sexy right? When I use regular deodorant, my pits do not sweat, no pit stains, no smell, no re-applying. My pits stay dry and stink free all day.

So I decided to try this sample of natural deodorant. It comes in a round tin and you have to scoop it out, warm it in your hands and smear it on your armpits. ( Way too high maintenance for everyday, I like to swipe and move on) It’s thick and maybe I used too much, but it feels wet and sticky for about the first 10 minutes. At this point I am already annoyed, but I figure it’s just a new way of doing something.Keep an open mind I say to myself. It smells very lemony and I really want to give it a fair try.

To be fair, I live in a place that is warm year round. 80 degrees most days all winter! So it has been about two hours since I applied this natural deodorant. I was cleaning my house a little, I washed my floors and dusted and vacuumed. Normally, this does not make me break a sweat. I have PIT STAINS!!! My shirt has obvious wet stains on it!! ICK! I don’t smell, but who cares! Anyone who sees me will automatically assume I smell!

So I now have to wash my armpits change my shirt and apply my regular deodorant. All I did was clean my house! I didn’t just run a marathon. I do not recommend natural deodorant for anyone who isn’t a perfect robot with no sweat glands or moves around ever!

I think the whole reason for natural deodorant is because people are afraid of aluminum. It causes cancer or something? You can call me vain, but I will use my cancer causing, pit stain preventing deodorant til someone takes it from cold dead hand. I mean really, the trade off is so not worth it!!

Do you use natural deodorant that works? Did I just try a bad one?



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  1. I like the idea of one and done. I want to apply a deodorant that I know that will last all day. I prefer men’s deodorant because it seem theirs is made to last all day and it smells good. Recently I have made a deodorant change and I don’t think I’ll change this one for a while. It’s called Gillette Clinical Ultimate Fresh Advance Solid. For me this doesn’t leave deodorant streaks on my clothes and it smells great without smelling to mescaline.

    I don’t have any offense to anyone who uses Natural products. When it comes to deodorant I don’t want to take any chances that would making me feel embarrassed with pit stains.

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