Unlikely stain fighter, hairspray


A few years ago while working in a salon, I got bright red hair color on my white shirt major bummer! Another stylist told me to put hairspray on it to keep the stain from setting. It worked!! I sprayed hairspray on it, a lot of hairspray, like saturate it- then wash as soon as possible. I still have the shirt with no stain, and it was like 5 hours before i could wash it.

I have tried this around my home as well. For some reason, it seems my kid only spills grape juice on carpeting, blankets and her clothes. I immediately spray a ton of hairspray on it and wash asap. Once i ran out of carpet cleaner and had to go buy some, hairspray prevented the stain from setting until I could clean it properly.

My guy gets barbecue sauce, red wine, tomato sauce, ect. all over his clothes almost every time he cooks and I have rarely needed to throw out his shirts. The trick is to spray it with hairspray right away! Then wash as soon as you can. You cannot spray it with hairspray an hour later, the stain will have already set.

Try it for yourself! Do you have any tricks and tips? I’d love to hear them!!



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